When the conventional teaching methodology became ineffective in meeting today’s requirements, there came up a need for a new approach of education. It should satiate the needs in all domains like finding the skills within them, effective communication, stress free learning from the orthodox rote learning where the focus lies merely in the academic excellence rather than well all-rounded development of the child, and social responsibility. The forethought was made already and a squad of innovators founded NALANDA VIDYA NIKETAN, the ground for evolution with a touch of holism.


To lay foundation for the leaders of 21st century world with an emphasis on deep- rooted traditional values of love, compassion, discipline and deference.           


Each individual’s academic, emotional, societal, physical, creative and spiritual potentials are to be cultured in moving towards the highest aspirations of the human spirit.

Nalanda Philosophy


Student’s Gain

Concept oriented Interactive Teaching

·                Understanding concepts

·                Consolidation and internalization

·                Systematized learning

·                Imbibe competitive spirit.

All Round Development

Communication Skill

·                Presentation, Clarity of thoughts, Better expressions

ECA and CCA Activities

·                Exposure to Generation next.

·                Confidence to face challenges

·                Team building

·                Leadership qualities

·                Pursuit of hobbies

Games and Sports

·                Physical Exercise

·                Relief from monotony

·                Positive extra energy

·                Pursuit of a game to excel

Value Systems

·                Care and share

·                Peer behaviour

·                Concern for other


Nalandan's become all-rounders through this holistic approach system

Holistic Education

Holistic approach helps to find identity, meaning and purpose in life through connection to the community to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Each student is given priority to explore and optimize individual potential. NVN makes every effort to ensure that children continue to feel parental love and affection even in school.

Success requires more than academic performance. It requires leadership ability, impressive communication with effective crisis management skills, innovative workability and uninterrupted collaboration with other people. Your child’s optimum development includes thinking skills, social skills, physical fitness and many more.

Each Nalandan learns to identify, appreciate and imbibe the virtues in others, to be open-minded and objective, reciprocation and responsible. At NVN, students learn to mould thoughts that enable communication. Opportunities always welcome people who can apply themselves, their knowledge and their capabilities at work.

The outcomes of true education are to adapt the rigour of academic study to the workplace; maintain self-discipline to finish a task; solve problems by finding creative solutions and take rational decisions while remaining sensible to others. It prepares children for a lifetime of earning and performing in global careers. This is the strength of Nalanda Vidya Niketan’s holistic approach to education. It is the best investment you can make for your children.