Our endeavour has been to provide stimulating and stress free environment that display’s children’s work. In our concept the black board is not the sole territory of teacher whereas learning is exploring in the classroom through Interactive teaching and learning.

The basic premise of the special features that Nalanda Vidya Niketan rests on the strong conviction that unless the educational environment is conducive to creative curriculum development, to effective teacher training and to efficient administration, there will be a huge void between what we promise and what we give.

For the majority of children, the home is their first classroom and the parents their first teachers. At NVN, we believe in working together with parents in nurturing their children and equipping them for their journey through life. Open communication is encouraged between parents and the school and treated confidentially. Parents are expected to fully support the school in its insistence on high standards of behaviour from the students. Students are not just confined to the classrooms. We create a world of freedom. Interactive sessions, outdoor educational programmes and field trips enable students to get hands on experience and they gain more practical knowledge. NVN also takes up the responsibility of imbibing values in its students by giving them enough training in discipline, right conduct social etiquette and human values.