Labs & Library

We at NVN have been practising the advocated teaching techniques since the establishment of our institution . NVN Academy has been a pioneer in the setting up of a lab with the desired physical infrastructure , teaching materials and human resources. Here a right ambience for learning the subject has been created by providing students with the opportunity to explore science concepts, verify facts and prove through activities and experimentation. A great deal of emphasis is laid on hands – on activities and project work so that student can relate classroom deliberation to real life situations. In the lab students become autonomous learners.


With a wide collection of books and an expert staff, we are here to support and inspire members of the NVN School community and NVN in exploring the world of books and information. In addition to providing expertise and support for the curriculum, we organise library hours throughout the year for students of all classes to celebrate the joy of reading.

The school has a growing library with books covering a wide variety of subjects, besides popular fiction and classics. The school subscribes to journals of particular interest to students of all ages. A reading programme is implemented with reading material selected to suit individual abilities.

We have a spacious library well-stocked with books to cater to all tastes. Apart from a large number of books on a plethora of subjects, there are invaluable reference books which can be consulted, in the library itself. A good number of newspapers, national and international magazines and journals are subscribed to enrich the minds of the students.The library has a large collection of CDs and other audio-visual teaching aids. A qualified librarian helps the students select the reading material.


Practical work demonstrates the validity of theory. This is where NVN's state-of-the-art science labs come in. There are labs equipped with the necessary instruments, chemicals and specimens for students to carry out experiments on the knowledge gained in classrooms.The school has one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We also have one large Computer Lab, fully equipped. Physics lab is well equipped with all practical instruments, where teaching and demonstration takes place simultaneously for better understanding of the students in understanding the theory and practical class.

Chemistry lab with all its colourful solutions Acids, and Bases and instruments to work out the chemical reactions for better understanding through practical usage.

Biology Lab with a varied range of different specimens, herbarium, practical tables to dissect, microscopes , slides to understand the concept of biological theories.

Computer Labs

E-learning complements what goes on in the classroom. Students learn through computers to enrich their knowledge for reinforced creativity. The School has state of the Art Computer Rooms with Internet and Multimedia workstations which provide the pupils with the most modern learning aids. NVN's modern computer labs guide students to put theory into practice, and provide hands-on experience in making presentations,improve language interact socially and develop sensory skills. . Educative slides and charts provide visual aids to learning. The computer labs are well equipped to meet the requirements of a technologically advanced education system. Internet facilities provide access to a worldwide classroom. The labs at NVN have a system-student ratio of 1:1. Computer is an important part of the curriculum from Grade I where students are taught how to use computer skills appropriately which are supported by Student Activity books. School provides internet facility on Saturday (in afternoon) and Sunday (till 1 pm) on 'First come first serve' basis for which they have to enroll earlier with their respective Parent Counsellor. The School has an Audio Visual hall equipped with OHP, slide projector, VCD, and a multimedia projector. The multimedia lab is equipped with 30 multimedia systems.Technological skills are provided to students within the context of the curriculum.

Teaching aids in the form of Teacher Manuals and resources such as demo presentations. templates for student evaluation , assessment methodologies orientation of teachers and upgrading the IQ level of student forms part of NVN’s computer lab framework .

Language Labs

NVN operates a sophisticated Language Lab to ensure students get a good grasp of English language skills. Since English is still a requirement in premium work places and further studies, the Language lab is an indispensable facility for every aspiring student. This also enhances the overall confidence and communication skills that are very essential for a developed personality.