Parent counselling

Parent contact our ‘Parent Counsellors' to help their children with a variety of issues, such as academic achievement, new school registration orientation and transition and test interpretation, special needs, student crisis situation, family transition and higher education issues.

School -Parent Counsellors work with teachers, administrators and parents to help students with school work and their social / emotional development.

  • Our school parent counsellors advocate, mediate, Coordinate, consult, lead and collaborate with teachers, administrators and parents to help student be successful.
  • Our parent counsellors also help children to understand themselves.


What do our parent Counsellors do?

  • Develop a guidance plan based on campus needs assessment.
  • Counsel student individually and / or in groups.
  • Provide systematic and developmental classroom guidance to all students.
  • Respond to student’s need in crisis situations.
  • Orient students to new school setting.
  • Work with absentees potential drop-outs and others – at- risk.
  • Refer students to special programs and  or services when necessary.
  • Analyse test results to provide information about abilities, achievements, interests and needs.
  • Co-ordinate staff support activities.
  • Adhere to ethical and legal standards.


NVN offers regular one to one counselling to help students overcome hindrances during their growth. Our team of counsellors are trained to help students identify their aptitudes and interests and equip them for a successful career. They also support in coping with peer pressure, personal difficulties, study problems and more. This reduces the possibility of depression, conflict and stress. It improves their scholastic performance and well-being.