SMS Service

 NVN opted to this system of SMS to contour the communication options using the latest time saving technology, all from the ease of the computer at the touch of a button

     The system increases school communication, safety, school attendance and develops parent support.

     Our SMS Service is able send to any number of parents and caregivers, students, staff and in fact any recipient.

     On receipt of these messages the recipients can reply. We have the ability to access these replies and create printable lists and reports to account for each message sent and the reply.

     Recipients are immediately alerted via SMS messages to their mobile phones, individualised and all at once from the same one base message.

     The responses are received directly back to the computer where they are updated every 10 seconds.

This SMS Service can be used:

  • Emergencies:in the case of an emergency and when contact is needed as a matter of particular urgency such as approaching dangers from terrorism, bushfires, cyclones etc.
  • Parent Communication: to advise parents and care givers that a child is absent. It allows parents and caregivers to take action and responsibility for their child's absence, at the touch of a button.
  • Class Management: as feedback from events that have occurred in relation to behavior management, class ethic and classroom related events.
  • Requests: as reminders or requests for transport and or sport or classroom assistance.
  • Rewards: as incentives and acknowledgement of efforts, achievements and sports performances.


Messages: as a reminder for meetings, conferences or special management.