"NVN encourages a systematic, scientific approach to learning and believes it is not confined to classrooms. Vital lessons are learned through experiments and experiences......."

Extra and Co-Curricular Activities

Nalanda Vidya Niketan students learn the importance of involvement in extra-curricular activities with the spirit to work for a common goal. They learn to deal with challenges. In pursuing a challenging task, students polish their hidden potentials, which are acknowledged and valued.

English Language Skills

NVN students are encouraged to use English with hues of imagination and accuracy. Competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening is encouraged to enable them to communicate appropriately and effectively.

E-learning of interactive English and role-plays further strengthen the student's command over the language.


NVN gives importance to the development of Maths. Students learn to use mathematical equations and process solutions. They habituate the strive for perfection and apply them real life.


Knowledge of sciences is presented in a practical manner. The training imparts natural curiosity in tender scientific minds to explore the unknown through practical sessions and out comes.

Personality Development

NVN provides for grooming the student's personality and increasing their presentation skills. Our students learn to be assertive and articulate. The practice of martial arts and sports, yoga and meditation, chess and scrabble, helps our students grow into healthy, alert and confident people, with a clear focus for their lives.

Communication Skills

An increasingly globalism workplace requires good communication skills. Deficit of these is one reason for lack of success. Hence, NVN trains its students in confident and effective communication. Our Language Labs help the students develop these skills. There are many other activities throughout the year that provide students the opportunity to practice and perfect their expressive skills to maintain a sound career profile.

Field Trips/Educational Tours

NVN takes the learning experience to the real world outside. Field trips complement classroom theory. Students visit historical monuments to appreciate India's rich cultural heritage. They experience the reality of knowledge in visits to industries, airports, hydro-electric projects and other places of interest. Their understanding is widened as they explore places of educational significance. Additionally, they develop self confidence and truest worthiness.

Exhibitions and Celebrations

NVN holds science exhibitions to showcase the practical knowledge and skills that students have acquired. Festivals are celebrated, special days are observed, and week-long events are held to create a greater sense of community and social issues.

Student Counsel Desks

NVN offers regular one to one counselling to help students overcome hindrances during their growth. Our team of counsellors are trained to help students identify their aptitudes and interests and equip them for a successful career. They also support in coping with peer pressure, personal difficulties, study problems and more. This reduces the possibility of depression, conflict and stress. It improves their scholastic performance and well-being.

Physical Education

Physical Education complements intellectual and social development. It builds confidence and self discipline, co-ordination and mastery of the body. Students develop a team spirit, alert minds, and learn to value a healthy, active lifestyle. We encourage wholesome competition, and while winning is inspiring, encouragement goes for participation, enjoyment and teamwork.

Playgrounds and indoor facilities pave the way for physical fitness of students. NVN students have a choice of 15 different sports, such as football, volleyball, badminton, cricket, roller skating and martial arts. Sports and games sessions are conducted by expert coaches on state-of-the-art playgrounds of the school. Hard work and talent is rewarded with scholarships. As a result, many of our students have gained recognition in state and national sports and other events.

Creativity Clubs

Sparks of innovation are ignited in the minds of children for making them self styled professionals of the future. NVN provides for developing the creative abilities of its students. Talent is identified, encouraged and promoted through a range of activities throughout the year.