NVN to inculcate and develop the qualities of leadership, participation, teamwork and competitive spirit among the students, introduced the system of Houses. A house is a team of students from all the classes led by the senior most students. The teams participate in activities and competitions. Every student will be assigned to a house at the time of admission.

In green, dedicated for victory

In red, acquainted passionately for a winning spirit

In yellow, steps forward with patience for winning spirit

In blues, radiates beams all over success


Each of the houses have identification colors, participants represent their respective teams in the activities and competitions.



Majority of co and extra curricular activities scheduled are implemented through this "House" system. This system generates team-spirit, cooperation, personal and group initiative as well as a spirit of service.

Each student has to choose any of the houses while joining the school and has to participate in any of the events of their interest, conducted regularly in the school campus.