School Life

Human life makes up several phases. It would be an arduous task to tell which one of the phases is more valuable. Every phase of our lives teaches the lessons of life. But it is the school life that introduces the world we live in. So we should see that every aspect of the school life to be more productive for the students' time to come there after.

Enthusiasm to learn is lacked in a stressful environment. The pace of an individual to learn is at best in childhood phase where a lot of enthusiasm and excitement support the interest. But it will be exited when the education become monotonous. To break the monotony and introduce a joyous life ahead, utmost care to be taken in providing a healthy phase of life to retain enthusiasm of life.

In Nalanda Vidya Niketan, every child gets benefited from Holistic approach of education. Here education is not given a mere academic importance, but is included with the moral and ethical values to bring zest for life. They will be moulded as worthy human beings rather than typical money earners who are considered as the so called human beings ironically.

NVN works for a better society where our students are going to be the embodiments to the following generations.