Evolution of Education

The Paradigm Shift in Education and Teaching Methodologies:

Age old teaching techniques alone have proved there is a gap in helping and fulfilling the learning thirst and learning outcomes of the students. Every educational institution has found the need to elevate to suit to the present day learning environment.  Also, over the years technology has revolutionized the way the world used to run and in parallel to it, competition has also risen.  It’s a cut-throat competitive world in which we are living today, be it education or employment.  Righteous Education is the major tool to survive in this competitive world.  It enables in strengthening the capabilities to meet the challenges that the life throws confidently.

Change in time brings forth new philosophies and ideas… and so happens in the education field too. There is a huge pedagogical shift from the past teacher-centered, pre-determined orthodox classrooms to the present modern dynamic learner-centered classrooms.  The outlook of the teacher, the learner, and the world has changed drastically.  The paradigm shift is the need of the hour.

  • Today the teacher has become more a facilitator, co-learner rather than being the dictator and exclusive member of the classroom.

  • The student is made to involve by activity-based learning than being a mere receptor or the content-oriented subject.

  • The learning is co-operative and collaborative and much of self-study is involved in a multi-method classroom with indoor as well as outdoor learning, whereas in the past the learning was just transferring of knowledge, mostly confined to indoor learning in a single method classrooms.

  • The student evaluation is continuous and comprehensive with the assistance of different tools and techniques, but in the past, the evaluation was mostly based on unreliable content oriented.

  • The present education has proved that the parent’s involvement significantly contributes to the improved student’s outcomes. The benefits are more positive in the child’s achievements.

The world is ever-changing, and right now when the change is more rapid than ever, it is of utmost importance for all the students to acquire both academic knowledge and life skills, to keep up with the competition out there and grow into smart individuals.

Nalanda Vidya Niketan understands the requirements of the present times and hence provides the best of knowledge to its students with the most updated –syllabus and techniques. Teachers at Nalanda Vidya Niketan believe in making strong independent individuals who are capable of facing the challenges of life and be successful leaders. Our teachers are additionally trained and equipped with tools to educate the students in interesting and entertaining ways, through our self-learning methodology. The trust and love of our students and the parents have on us has put us among the best CBSE schools at Vijayawada.

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