Holistic Education


As said by Tony Kushner, “The world only spins forward.” Schools on the other hand only spin….blame lie with neither the teachers nor the parents. It seems that today’s education is to mainly create careers but not minds, whereas actually, it’s the other way. It stifles the creativity and the ability of the child to think critically. In true sense right education has to address the real areas of need in the world. It’s high time we are aware that the world is more than memorized facts. Proper education should focus the attention on the heart, the head and the hand should grow into one of the largest alternative educational movement breaking the stereotyped mode.


As we all know that the world, EDUCATION is derived from the Latin word EDUCARE meaning to reduce, which means to bring out from latency. Education in the real sense of the world involves the facilitation and cultivation of complete human development and human potential. Holistic Education is socially and morally responsible because it is committed to the human empowerment. It is more concerned with drawing forth the latent capacities and sensitivities of the child than with stuffing passive young minds full of pre-digested information. Holistic approach in education helps the child to prepare to live purposefully, creatively and morally in a complex world.


Conditioning children for mediocrity and trying to educate them to be what we would like them to be doesn’t prepare them for tomorrow’s big world. Instead, we must trust them to trust themselves. We must trust them to trust their own needs to develop their human personality and potential. Holistic approach in education coupled with right conditions allows the child to grow up to be what he really is with a natural right to become an integrated, intelligent, ethical, mature, responsible and civilized adult.

Holistic education prioritizes compassion and care. It provides more context and is more balanced, inclusive and connected. Balance is emphasized between individual and group, content and process, knowledge and imagination, rational and intuitive, qualitative and quantitative. Inclusion is made through interaction, negotiating differences. The connection is emphasized between mind and body, areas of knowledge, self, and community, personal and transpersonal.


The holistic approach in education followed in Nalanda Vidya Niketan, uses everything that the world has to offer – literature, music, drama academics and so on to approach complex problems. here the narrow 50 minutes of the period time is dissolved in the name of integrated, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning. Love for mystery and beauty of life is at the curriculum core. Nalanda puts the knowledge of science, educational psychology and economics to good use and really goes about the business of cultivating inspired, empowered individuals with a hunger for continual exploration and discovery, a sense of collective responsibility and an excitement about life. The school strives to spin forward with the world.

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