Virtual Classrooms to tackle the Crisis

Don't let social distancing seperate us
from learning, meet out online team

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Manage your child's time with online classes

Coronavirus is disrupting the society. Let us
Move forward and continue progress where it is possible.
With Online classes your child can finish CBSE classes he/she misssed
without leaving the House.

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Live Classes

Our experience team will provide live classes online and children can interact with teacher for better feedback

Clicker Interaction

Live clickers interactions help teachers understand kids learning and redo the topic if required. Teachers take a poll as the class is in session


Online reports give a better understanding about your childs understandig across various sections

Interactive Homeworks

With interactive homeworks children can test their learning in a entertaining way

Built Locally to promote our Local community

To help our local community during the time of crisis all
our online classes are free until lockdown ends. To enroll in these classes

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and share your information.
Our IT team will call and setup your account required for your child and they will provide all necessary info regarding time slot
Once everything is set, login to portal and follow the calendar. You are free to learn at your own pase


1500+ online lessons & counting

500 Online Assesments
+40% Better Performance
50 Trained Trainers
600Hrs of Content

Want to provide our children with the best

We kept on improving our teaching process to be the best school in state and one of the Top schools in the country. Integration of Technology in our curriculum empowered our learners to Improve.

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What our Parents are saying

Both of my children are loving the Nalanda Online classes. My son has been attending all the classes and is thrilled by the idea of attending school from home. My daughter has moved up a grade level and is learning the subjects of her new grade as if there is no lockdown.

-Jhone Dhoe

The support of the teachers has been outstanding in these tough times. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent

-Jhone Dhoe

This initiative has been advantageous educationally for my child.She is exposed to new forms of technology and learning.

-Jhone Dhoe

We parents are never exposed to how the child learns in the school ? What is he learning ? How is he learning ? How are the teachers? How are they teaching ? I found out all these answers through the Nalanda Online classes. It gives you an in-depth understanding as to what level the school has prepared the lesson plans and how it is impacting the learning of my child.

-Jhone Dhoe


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