Win over NEET/IIT with CBSE in Class 12

The CBSE class 12 education plays a crucial role in every student’s life as his/her career goal depends on the result they secure in this class.  The result secured here will decide the course of the student’s career,   what the student wants to become in life or how early the student wants to touch the heights of success.  After qualifying class 12th the student becomes eligible to attempt entrance exams like NEET and IIT in order to proceed for further education.

A student who dreams of becoming a professional through IIT-JEE NEET needs to know how important it is to study in CBSE schools.   Latest trend unveils that if a student hails from a CBSE board, the chances of clearing these exams are higher than the student who belongs to any other board.  CBSE student becomes much familiar with these exams as the CBSE course structure is based more on reasoning and analytical abilities rather than memorizing facts which are an ability inevitable to succeed in today’s cut-throat competition.

The other reason that a student from CBSE is able to crack these exams easily is that of the NCERT books that the CBSE schools have opted for.  These books give an in-depth and better understanding of the complex subjects.  The student is made to have an analytical study with the assistance of the information provided in these books.  Therefore for a student who wants to appear for IIT, NEET, studying in a CBSE school is more important.


Nalanda Vidya Niketan is one of the reputed educational Institutions following CBSE syllabus and the foundation provided here aims at making students attain the skill set required for future.  The education is mainly focused on inculcating, and enhancing the skills along with the conceptual base.  The students here are able to crack the entrance exams with exclusive training and material provided. It helps in improving the possibility quotient of cracking these exams successfully.  Hence Nalanda Vidya Niketan is undoubtedly the best choice for a student who is aspiring to crack IIT, NEET etc.  As well it holds the best place in the list of top schools in Vijayawada.

The other aspects which the student should not neglect are :

  • Rather than rote learning method, the student should focus on understanding the concept and try to solve problems using different methods
  • “Practice makes man perfect”. Once student start practicing the previous papers and online test, the types of questions set are very much known
  • One need to attain perfection to answer the questions within stipulated time without stress

In conclusion, students should understand their career goals and strive towards them with perseverance.


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