Nalanda Vidya Niketan

Best CBSE Affiliated private schools and play schools in Vijayawada. We are following international standards with self-learning, self-research and holistic philosophies. Transportation facility in Vijayawada, Krishna District.

Primary School

At Nalanda VidyaNiketan, we harbor the best ideals with proper rigor to suit the needs of a modern day child, the citizen of the future. Our methods of teaching which are the best and par with international standards, aimed at taking a child above the set benchmarks and beyond pedagogy.

Nalanda has believed in the Holistic Approach towards education from the time of inception.  The Concept-Oriented  “Interactive teaching“ incorporated in Grade 1 & 2, helps students understand and learn concepts rather than superficially remember the facts.

  • It brings ‘real world’ meaning to content knowledge and skills.
  • It connects students with their prior experience.
  • It facilitates a deeper understanding of content knowledge.
  • It acts as a springboard for students to respond to their learning with action. Students
    become critical thinkers which are essential to creatively solve problems of the 21stcentury.

Self Learning

‘Learning is experiential; Learning allows adaptability and agility; Such Learning is for life’.

Learning happens when we connect and think. To build this basic aspect and give our students a secure, safe and successful life, we have adapted ‘Self Learning’ Methodology in the year 2014 for the students of Grade 3 to Grade 5.

The motto of Self Learning is to make the child ‘How to think rather what to think’. This methodology involves the development of skill which will allow linear, lateral and abstract thinking. The concept is hence mapped keeping a 360-degree view of its application. Students are allowed to process the content in varied measures using various learning tools which includes technology for easier and faster grasping. Thus the student of Nalanda is ensured to become an independent, ethical and risk-taking future citizen.

Our Philosophy – Holistic Approach

The Welfare of each student is a priority at Nalanda VidyaNiketan.

Each Student’s Potential is recognized and encouraged.

Home Tasks

A child learns more from his surroundings than from his books. It is important for him to know about the happenings around the world and have a complete learning experience beyond the boundaries of the school.

At Nalanda, home tasks are given to build connectivity. Technology is incorporated to give the touch and feel of reality while doing the home task. The student level of thinking is well catered in the various types of works i.e. online, projects, PPTs and level wise questions that are given as home tasks.

Yesteryears of knowledge are thus replaced with Application, Analysis, Comprehensive and Creativity.

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Our Young Pre classroom is for ages 18 months to 3 Years. This age group is working