Nalanda Vidya Niketan

Best CBSE Affiliated private schools and play schools in Vijayawada. We are following international standards with self-learning, self-research and holistic philosophies. Transportation facility in Vijayawada, Krishna District.

Secondary School

We at Nalanda, follow CBSE curriculum from Grade 6 to Grade 10.

“Learning is experimental, Learning allows adaptability and agility; such learning is for life.”

Learning happens when we connect and think. To build this basic aspect and give our students a secure, safe and successful life, we have adapted this methodology of “SELF LEARNING” in our teaching-learning process.

The learning process in today’s world needs to be well connected with reality which not only involves technology and global issues but also a thorough overview before developing a perspective towards problems and people.

This self-learning methodology involves the development of skill along with the concept which will allow linear, lateral and abstract thinking. The concept is hence mapped keeping a 360degree view of its application. Students are allowed to process the content in varied measures using various learning tools which includes technology for easier faster grasping. Thus, the student of Nalanda is ensured to become an independent, ethical, responsible and risk-taking future citizen.

We at Nalanda, follow CBSE curriculum from Grade 6 to Grade 10. The medium of instruction is English. Nalanda with its legacy of 30 years has believed in the holistic approach towards education from the time of inception.

Curriculum designed by experts gives maximum exposure to our students in all aspects as per their potential and interest and prepares them to take up challenges in the future. Our curriculum insists on all-round development of a child.


To assess or evaluate the performance of the child after the completion of a topic Or a term, the school has designed three types of assessments.

Oral Assessments

Oral Assessments include activities like PPT, Seminar, Group Discussion, Roleplay, Narration, And Declamation. They create an awareness among the students about the need to improve their presentation Skills and in addition enhance their confidence.

Written Assessments

Written Assessments include surprise tests, conceptual tests, clicker test, level wise Questions (online), Assessment exams and summative exams.

Written Assessment include a variety of consistent tests which enable the child to concentrate on the topic and move ahead confidently to face bigger exams. The Continuous Assessment by the teachers helps the students to overcome their difficulties and improve in the areas where they are lagging.

Online Assessments

Online Assessments include clicker test and level wise questions. Clicker test is conducted in the classrooms whereas level wise questions are given as a home assignment.

Home Tasks

At Nalanda Vidya Niketan, home tasks are wonderfully designed.

For languages

Reading homework – It helps the children to develop reading habits and understand the lesson better.

Written Homework – Written home works are based on grammar, literature, and comprehension. Students are able to enhance their spellings, vocabulary, comprehension and sentence construction. At the same time, they recall the content that has been taught in the class.

For Group Subjects

The home tasks are classified into five parts.

  • Home works based on knowledge and understanding
  • Home works based on application
  • Home works based on creativity/presentation/collage
  • Home works based on projects
  • Online Home works

The home tasks that are based on different level, make sure that the child understands the concept well.

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Our Young Pre classroom is for ages 18 months to 3 Years. This age group is working