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Best CBSE Affiliated private schools and play schools in Vijayawada. We are following international standards with self-learning, self-research and holistic philosophies. Transportation facility in Vijayawada, Krishna District.

Singing boosts your Confidence, broadens Communication Skills and improves Mental Awareness. Class X students competed in the Solo Singing competition to build these skills
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May the Indian Tricolor fly high. Warm wishes on 73rd Independence day
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HOLISTIC APPROACH IN EDUCATION AND ITS IMPORTANCE As said by Tony Kushner, โ€œThe world only spins forward.โ€ Schools on the other hand only spinโ€ฆ.blame lie with neither the teachers nor the parents. It seems that todayโ€™s education is to mainly create careers but not minds, 
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The Paradigm Shift in Education and Teaching Methodologies: Age old teaching techniques alone have proved there is a gap in helping and fulfilling the learning thirst and learning outcomes of the students. Every educational institution has found the need to elevate to suit to the 
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In the olden days, the world was viewed as something very big. ย People have limited ways to get to know what was happening around the world. ย Viewing anything on a large scale or which suited the world standards didnโ€™t happen. ย Education was considered very important 
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The CBSE class 12 education plays a crucial role in every studentโ€™s life as his/her career goal depends on the result they secure in this class.ย  The result secured here will decide the course of the studentโ€™s career, ย ย what the student wants to become in 
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    Nalanda is a 30 years old institution that has evolved over the years. Visit our campus to know about our unique way of learning.
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